Its been sometime since I got on to twitter. And every time I happen to tweet a link, I watch my incredibly long urls magically shrink to a few chars. A few days ago, I happened to do a quick google search on url shortening that revealed some interesting info and I soon found myself playing with it. Here’s what came out of it. URL shorteners are used to transform huge, ugly looking, difficult to remember (and manage) urls into short urls.

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So, it started with the thought of publishing some of the photos, I managed to click, online. The task would involve going thru the usual process of: Copy photos form my camera to my computer. Then watermark them. Then, possibly, add a frame around the image and finally publish to my favorite photo sharing service. Since, I have been uploading some of my photos to flickr already, I needed a good way to batch edit my photos and push them to flickr.

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Parth Bhatt

Software Architect